The Perfect Dream of a Restful Space

As a little girl, the owner of this listed farmhouse in Surrey dreamed that one day it would belong to her. When her dream came true, she set to work to extensively renovate the house and the garden in order to bring the full beauty of both to life. And now, with everything she needs to indulge her passion for gardening, her home is much more than simply a place to live.

Designing the conservatory presented Town and Country with an opportunity to create a space that truly reflected the natural beauty that is such an attractive feature of the house. The conservatory is accessed from the kitchen, through the original dairy ledge-and-brace door, and from the drawing room. Much of the conservatory’s space is taken up by mature potted plants from the owner’s previous garden. And because there is so much glass and light, this beautiful room is as restful and peaceful as the finest English country garden.

Plan dimensions: 7.1m x 3.6m
Internal floor space: 24m²

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