In Harmony with our Heritage

A property whose origins can be traced back to the 12th century obviously requires sensitive and sympathetic treatment when a conservatory is added not least because the design proposal has to satisfy the historic buildings inspectors. So it was with this unique Grade I listed property near Doncaster. Indeed, a condition of the listed building approval for this Town and Country building was that its framing and roof be constructed in oak and mounted on dwarf walls of locally quarried stone.

Surrounded by the house on three sides, the conservatory is connected to only one, thus minimizing structural alteration to the property itself. Being square in plan the principal roof area naturally forms a pyramid, which would be inappropriate for this setting. By trimming off the pinnacle and incorporating a flat roof crown, the height of the glazed roof is kept in proportion to its supporting frames. Internally the crown is boarded in oak and externally weathered in lead.

Entering from the garden, the imposing full-height double doors are topped by a pediment which subtly matches the angle of a gabled wing to its left just one more measure of our commitment to building conservatories which are not just made to measure, but also designed to harmonise with the character of the property, however historic.

Plan dimensions: 5.9m x 7.1m
Internal floor space: 36m²

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