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Built in the style of a French Manor House, this early 20th century Michigan home originally had an H-shaped floor plan. Access to the formal areas was restricted to the central passageway at the base of the H. A visit to the Hapsburgs’ palace in Budapest inspired the idea to turn the little-used central courtyard into a glass-covered dining room where the owners’ collection of wall art and 17th century antiques are now displayed to their full effect, and flow between the wings is greatly enhanced. The orangery-style preserves the light of the courtyard space, while the interior soffit detail of the wide perimeter gutter assembly provides an excellent location for illumination of the wall art. The central flat roof section provides additional sun control, additional lighting points and air-conditioning vents - de rigueur in our American projects. Pilaster detailing of the exterior was chosen to complement the French mansard roof and unadorned brickwork.

Our price to further design, manufacture, deliver and install a similar orangery-type conservatory today (within the UK), is approximately 61,000.00 excluding Vat and associated preparatory and finishing building works.
Plan dimensions
5040mm (17ft: 9ins) by 7540mm (24ft: 9ins)
Planning status
Planning Permission would be required:-
i. If the additional volume imposed by the conservatory on the original volume of the house (it’s external envelope above ground level), exceeds 15% or 70 cubic metres - whichever is the greatest. (Calculus assumes the house is detached and not within a conservation area).
Building Regulations status if built under current regulations.
A similar conservatory would require BR approval:-
i. Its floor area exceeds the 30m square threshold for exemption.

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