No two projects at Town and Country are ever the same; every property we build on is different and similarly each property has its own personality - as of course, does each and every client! This means we often work on projects that require a completely new approach based on the constraints the environment and the unique wishes of the customer. For example, we have created roof lanterns with unorthodox shapes to create highly contemporary looks and in America, where new builds are more prevalent - and planning is not so much of a consideration - Town and Country are able to design and build some highly individual buildings.
This experience gives us the opportunity to develop highly specialised skills that we can apply to the rest of our work for the benefit of every customer. In 2006, this was officially recognised by Glassex who awarded Town and Country the Gold Design trophy for Innovative Design which highlighted a spectacular conservatory we built in Pennsylvania, USA. Please find below a number of examples showing the unique fine glass buildings we have designed and built.