Town and Country is fortunate to have customers that are able to commission glass buildings that can only be described as ‘grand’; large scale installations on imposing properties.

These ‘grand designs’ have two factors in common; of course their scale but also their level of bespoke detailing. These buildings can take many months to manufacture and they often require considerable research and development in their actual production, as much of the engineering and architectural detail is unique to the project.

A common theme in the provenience of many of these spectacular buildings is Town and Country's collaboration with architects and specialist designers which Town and Country has always embraced since Town and Country's conception.
These structures can completely change the look and feel of a property, perhaps unifying the design of the building or creating a better flow to the house - and certainly enhancing it.

These grand designs demonstrate our considerable skills and abilities, not only in design but also in the architectural knowledge and ability, which is vital to successfully build and install such ‘grand designs’. In the making of these magnificent strictures, we impart our 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing the highest quality fine glass buildings.

Click on the peripheral images and case studies to sample just a few of our beautiful 'grand designs'.