Town and Country Workshops

We highly recommend a visit to the Town and Country workshops. Visitors are always surprised by the number of stages each commission goes through to reach completion.

In total there are six different workshops including The Mill where all the timber needed to construct the glass building is cut and planed and the Machine Shop where the timber goes through the tenoning, morticing and moulding process.

On average, each building is worked on by twenty craftsmen, each highly skilled in their particular craft. We recently made a calculation to find out how long an average commission is worked on for in the workshops.
The conclusion? Over 1,200 hours and this figure does not include the considerable design work before the building is ready to begin construction at the workshops. In addition, each commission takes approximately two to three weeks to install on site which goes some way towards demonstrating our level of workmanship, refinement and detail.

We have no doubt that a tour round the workshops will demonstrate our dedication and passion to create some of the country’s most beautiful fine glass buildings, whatever the size of a project, period or contemporary in design.