Town and Country’s portfolio of work includes the design and manufacture of bespoke independent joinery items, of which sliding folding doors has become our most popular.

Perfect for contemporary pavilion-type extensions, sliding folding doors offer the opportunity to introduce generous width and height apertures within a given elevation, which when open is uninterrupted by intermediate framing. Freed from the constraints of modular conceived heights and widths, and capable of individual choice in opening arrangements and multiples of doors; the effect is to create a seamless flow between inside and out, offering a perception of greater space and allowing wider access to the garden.

Contemporary in concept and typically contemporary in design, but not necessarily! For example the introduction of recessed moulded base panels and a simple arrangement of glazing bars, will instantly create a traditional interpretation, whilst still offering the benefit of the fully opening concept.

Another staple within our range is beautifully designed and built pairs of doors. Often called “French Doors”, the simple concept of creating an aperture more-or-less double the width of a single door, is often all one needs to enhance that all import connection between an inside and outside space, or indeed between two internal spaces. Once again freed from the constraints of modular conceived heights and widths, our doors can be designed and made to suit the proportions of any given site.
Where this calls for something wider than just the pair of doors, then the addition of matching side panels may be appropriate. Decorative or simple fanlights will almost certainly be appropriate for the generous height proportions of Georgian properties.

Naturally, our independent joinery matches the same level of quality and refinement that you would expect of all Town and Country buildings. Bespoke designed and made in hardwood, our doors are factory pre-assembled and hung, primed and undercoated and include all requisite premium brand ironmongery. If you would like to discuss a particular project, then please contact us to discuss the options.

For more comprehensive information on our bespoke joinery, please see our dedicated joinery website at: