As part of our complete design service, Town and Country, design and manufacture pinoleum blinds, the traditional conservatory fabric first used by the Victorians for providing shade. This method had stood the test of time and works very effectively.

Essentially, pinoleum blinds are narrow, timber slates finely woven together, in varying different shapes that mirror the conservatory frame and roofing. Pinoleum blinds offer shade from the glare of the sun but do not exclude all the light like other methods can, particularly roller blinds. Instead, sunlight is gently filtered through the timber panels creating a lovely dappled affect but still allowing the conservatory to cool.

When the sun goes down, a glass building is the perfect space to eat under the stars, regardless of the weather. Pinoleum blinds are again very effective in the sense that they can cover the glass elements of the conservatory to create a warmer atmosphere. Pinoleum Blinds will also give you an additional feeling of security and privacy, especially comforting if you live in the country where it can be particularly dark outside.

At Town and Country, we design the pinoleum blinds so that the joinery of the roof remains visible even when the pinoleum blinds are closed.
We feel it is a shame to cover the roof when it is arguably the most attractive feature of a glass building. By doing this, the roof glazing maybe covered in a series of different shaped pinoleum blinds including rectangular and triangular shapes. And, if opt for pinoleum blinds on the frame too, they will appear as a series of panels.

In addition, you may want to think about whether you want the pinoleum blinds manually or electrically operated. Of course, from a convenience point of you, the electric pinoleum blinds are a great option but if you think you will only use the pinoleum blinds during the summer months, then manually operated pinoleum blinds can be perfectly acceptable too.

Like our glass buildings, our pinoleum blinds are hand made and 100% bespoke. They are available in natural timber - or as is more popular to current tastes - in a range of different painted finishes.

At Town and Country we build in the pinoleum blinds as part our complete design service but if you would like a quotation for an existing conservatory, orangery or roof lantern, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or information and we can send you some samples.