The joy of living under glass need not only be the preserve of those with beautiful conservatories and orangeries. The introduction of a roof lantern within a new or existing flat roof extension, will transform an otherwise lifeless space, flooding it with invigorating natural light.

Roof lanterns have been a feature of our city and urban landscape for many years, but being placed on roof tops high above street level where they bring light to otherwise windowless staircases, galleries, studios and public buildings, these delicately framed roof lanterns are often unnoticed. Irresistible to producers of period action films where villains chase across high-rise buildings, it is often a roof lantern which provides the atmospheric dim light to the chase, and the eventual demise of the baddy who plunges to his death through the delicate framing of a roof lantern. Clearly - not so much focus on Health and Safety in those days, never-the-less essential to the action.

Without doubt the fashion for living under glass has proved very seductive over the past few years, and thanks to ever improving enhancements to glazing technology, it is something that home owners can enjoy in comfort – and safety!

The delicately framed conservatory so popular ten or fifteen years ago, has evolved into the more sophisticated and
substantially framed orangery. Progress in this evolution has resulted in the resurgence in fashion for pavilion-type single storey extensions; the principal feature of which will almost certainly be a roof lantern. Indeed, over the last eighteen months Town and Country has experience a five fold increase in its orders for independent roof lanterns.

As with our conservatories and orangeries, Town and Country’s roof lanterns are bespoke designed and built. The most popular roof lantern formats are based on square or rectangular apertures, but circular, octagonal and lozenge derivatives are all possible too. Placed to define a particular function within a space; a kitchen island for example, or dining area within an open-plan kitchen/diner; if beautifully designed and built a roof lantern will truly make the space. Greater height and volume can be achieved by introducing vertical glazed side-frames into the roof lantern, and the inside face of the aperture can be enhanced with timber panelling or a moulded cornice.

Click on the peripheral images to sample just a few of our beautifully designed roof lanterns.

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