If you would like to begin the process of planning a Town and Country roof lantern, please call the design office. It is helpful if you are able to tell us the internal dimensions of the lantern which are the measurements taken from the inside face of the builder’s aperture.

To obtain a guideline price in the first instance, the dimensions can be approximate or if you are unsure, we can advise you on the most favourable size for your project given the dimensions of the room or flat roof in question.

If you already have a builder or architect on board, then of course we can offer a more accurate quotation based on their calculations. Naturally, we are happy to advise you further on the optimum dimensions for your project.

There are also the different lantern shapes that may be appropriate and we can discuss these options with you too. In addition, we will advise you on the ventilation requirements most appropriate to your lantern. Ornamentation and colour is also a consideration, particularly on period properties and we will help you make the best choices.

Please note that for roof lantern projects we work differently in the sense that we do not make site visits unless the project is particularly large or complex. We quote and build based on aperture size confirmed by a customer’s own builder or architect.

Alternatively, we can confirm the final aperture size and your builder can prepare the roof based on our production drawings. If you are unsure of any of these processes we can guide you through the project.

Like our fine glass buildings, we deliver an exceptional personal service; from initial contact, to commissioning a bespoke design, through to planning, building and installing a roof lantern.

You are also welcome to visit our workshops in Norfolk and our design studio in London where you can view our level of refinement and detailing at first hand.

For more comprehensive information on our roof lanterns, please see our dedicated lantern website at:

Typical Section through Flat Roof   

Materials and works to be carried out by others:
1. 2No 50mm by 175mm joists (The size of the joists will vary depending on the their span. Steel channels or I-beams will be required on very large projects. Always consult a structural engineer).
2. 50mm by 175mm joists (The size of the joists will vary depending on the their span).
3. 1No 75mm by 175mm upstand piece.
4. 1No 75mm by ?mm packer.
5. Firring pieces of diminishing depths to create a fall to the roof weathering surface.
6. 12mm exterior grade ply.
7. 75mm high-performance foil-backed insulation.
8. 12mm exterior grade ply.
9. 12mm exterior grade ply.
10. Angled fillet.
11. External weathering finish to individual preference, e.g. asphalt or three-coat mineral felt. (If lead the flat roof assembly will be different).
12. 8mm tolerance gap.
13. 19mm plasterboard and skim plaster finish, or, panalled timber lining to individual preference.
14. 19mm plasterboard and skim plaster finish.
15. Code-5 lead upstand flashing.

Components to be installed by Town and Country:
16. Roof lantern sill/plate.
17. Bull-nose detail.
18. Rafter.
19. High-performance glazing unit.
20. Aluminium skirt.